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Why you’ll fall in love with Brixham…

The Inner Harbour at Brixham, Devon, Great Britain. Famous as a fishing port, the town is also a popular tourist destination.

Home to Landscove Holiday Park, and located in the heart of Devon, Brixham is a stunning little seaside resort that offers something for everyone, all year round.

Located right on the coast of Devon, Brixham is a charming fishing town packed full of things to do, see and explore – from adventures with the kids to relaxing amongst stunning scenery.

The focal point of Brixham is the harbour, which perfectly captures the essence of the English Riviera, and is a combination of both pleasure and work with its yachts and heritage trawlers nestled together in their moorings.

Brixham is laced with history and culture, with the most popular attraction being the Golden Hind – Sir Francis Drake’s Tudor galleon and the first ship to sail around the world. There are Pirate Days, special events and celebrations happening all year round on what is lovingly known as ‘Brixham’s treasure’ to celebrate its history with tales of pirates and smugglers from it’s past.

Bustling with things to do no matter the season, Brixham is full of attractions, scenic views and nature – not to mention a plethora of great places to eat amongst fascinating boutique stores.

In the spring and summer, there are countless boat trips that allow you to experience the true beauty of the area from the water, and what boat trip would be complete without a tale (tall or not) about some of the famous historical nautical adventures from the area? Both interesting and entertaining, it’s a definite must for a summer family visit.

The UNESCO Global Geopark is open year round, and you can reach it via Berry Head – right next door to the park. If you’re a birdwatcher, the walk from Berry Head to Sharkham Point is a haven for several nationally rare and threatened species. These birds rely on thin limestone soils, a mild climate, and exposed headlands to thrive and this area provides this atmosphere in abundance.

The Geopark, designated in 2007, offers kayaking, diving, coasteering, and sea-fishing – to name a few, and is home to 3 visitor centres: Kents Cavern, Berry Head National Nature Reserve and The Seashore Centre, which all give a glimpse into the history and geography of the region. Kents Cavern in particular, is Britain’s oldest cave site and was around during the Stone Age. This spectacular archaeological site has produced the bones of sabre-toothed tiger and a mammoth, and was the Ice Age home to Britain’s earliest living humans.

Alongside the Marina and nearby attractions, Brixham’s natural beauty is reason enough to pay a visit. Whether you explore it during the winter months, or book your summer holiday early there is plenty to experience no matter what the weather.

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